COMMENTARY Big Moves Again

Significant swings higher on the Dixie Pipeline and steep discounts in the Midwest were seen Thursday compared to postings provided for the Monday email Update. And while changes up or down on TEPPCO and at Mont Belvieu were appreciably more moderate, in any other market they would raise eyebrows, not prompt a yawn.

Postings at Apex, N.C. on the Dixie were 22.5 to 30 cents higher, unchanged, or not available (NA), shifting prices to a low of 286.25 and a high of 317.54 cents/gal. At Conway, Kan. on MAPCO, postings shed 15 to 25.5 cents, stayed the same, or were NA, and prices were from 241.85 to 279.25 cents.

TEPPCO postings at Selkirk, N.Y. fell an odd 1.62 cents to 12 cents, held firm, or were NA, and prices ranged from 248.84 to 291.22 cents/gal. Mont Belvieu postings, from 182.00 to 189.00 cents, lost 4.75 cents to a nickel, gained 7.5 cents, didn’t move, or were NA.

CHS/Cenex jumped 22.5 cents at Apex, and NGL Supply Ltd. 30 cents/gal. Alliance Energy Services, Enterprise Products, and Martin Gas Sales did not move, and Inergy and Plains Marketing were NA. However, NGL Supply Wholesale LLC resumed its posting.

Alliance Energy dropped a steep 15 cents at Conway, and CHS/Cenex 25.5 cents/gal. Inergy held firm, and Plains Marketing was NA. Again, NGL Supply Wholesale provided a posting.

Inergy shaved off 1.62 cents at Selkirk; Enterprise Products 5 cents; CHS/Cenex 7.5 cents; and NGL Supply Wholesale 12 cents/gal. DCP/GSR was unchanged, and Plains was NA.

At Mont Belvieu, CHS/Cenex lost 4.75 cents, and Enterprise a nickel. Martin Gas added 7.5 cents, and Targa held its price. Plains was NA.