Blossman Offering Certified Mowing Conversion Kits

Blossman Services Inc.’s (BSI; Ocean Springs, Miss.) small engine division is designing and manufacturing an engine-specific propane mower conversion kit that will meet Environmental Protection Agency certification standards. Available for purchase this spring, the Blossman conversion kit is aimed at providing cost savings and a high-quality conversion kit to landscape contractors and the mowing industry.

“We are proud to be able to sell to a variety of platforms with the Blossman propane mower conversion kit,” said Jessie Johnson, president of Blossman Services. “Our goal is to provide the landscaper who has newer mowers the ability to honor the warranty, and serve the most popular CC engine mowers with a lower cost, quality propane conversion kit. Blossman Services is designing our own components and manufacturing our own certified kits to save costs and increase the quality for our small-engine customers.”

Conversion kits will be available through all Blossman Propane branches in the U.S., as well as online. The small engines division of BSI provides propane fuel for engines used in commercial mowers, generators, forklifts, irrigation systems, and combined heat and power systems.

“The demand for a clean lawn care alternative is evident and on the rise, affecting the commercial industries of universities, cities and municipalities, and landscaping,” Johnson added. “Creation and conversion of mowers to propane has the potential to significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions, reduce costs, and even prolong the life of the mower’s engine.”