NYPGA Launches Incentive For Autogas Purchases

The New York Propane Gas Association (NYPGA) is administering a rebate program for state residents who purchase or convert a vehicle with a propane system. One $5000 rebate is available for one vehicle per fleet, and vehicles must be registered in New York State. Finally, fuel systems must be certified by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and/or the California Air Resources Board.

Funds may only be used for the incremental cost of a propane vehicle versus a gasoline or diesel vehicle. Rebate recipients must agree to submit an initial survey when the application is submitted. A data log and a final survey must be submitted 12 months from the purchase date. Data collected will be used to assist the propane industry and vehicle manufacturers in evaluating performance.

The rebate program ends Dec. 31, or when funds are exhausted. Rebates will be paid at $4000 after the application, initial survey, vehicle purchase, and proof of payment are approved by NYPGA. The program will pay the balance of $1000 after the final survey and completed data collection. A completed application does not bind the association to approve or pay a rebate. For additional information or to apply, visit nypropane.com/vehicle-incentive/.