NPGA, PERC Urge Marketers To Adopt Campaign Materials

The National Propane Gas Association and the Propane Education & Research Council (PERC) are urging propane marketers to incorporate materials from PERC’s Consumer Safety Preparedness Campaign in their operations in the lead-up to the winter heating season. The materials are designed to assist businesses to prepare heat customers for cold weather and avoid any repeat of last season’s supply and logistics problems.

PERC’s national multimedia campaign begins Sept. 8 through television and online advertisements in areas hit hardest last winter by temporary price surges, deliverability challenges, and unfavorable media coverage, encouraging residential customers to visit On the website, customers can take a quiz to determine whether they are prepared for winter and review propane efficiency and safety tips. Marketers can get involved by downloading customizable campaign materials at, and check in at for updates.

Campaign materials underscore the importance of planning ahead, and include a print advertisement, a radio ad, a brochure, a mail insert, and an email attachment. Television and online ads are aimed at countering negative views and portrayals of propane. The site will include a video, “Efficiency Tips for Your Propane Home.” Messages will encourage customers who haven’t already made preparations for winter to consider calling a local propane provider to talk about delivery and payment programs.
The campaign is designed to support marketers by reassuring contract customers that they have made a wise energy decision, spurring will-call customers to fill up sooner and to consider signing a delivery agreement, and presenting propane in a positive light to current and prospective residential users.