COMMENTARY Most Postings Slide

Most principal postings were fractionally lower Thursday compared to the Monday email Update, sliding a minimum of a quarter cent and at most a penny. However, a few sellers held their early-week prices, and two postings rose on TEPPCO and at Mont Belvieu.
Postings on the Dixie Pipeline at Apex, N.C. shed a half cent to as much as 0.75 cents or stayed the same, shifting prices to a low of 114.25 cents and a high of 115.00 cents/gal. At Conway, Kan., postings gave up 0.75 cents to a penny, and prices were from 104.50 to 105.07 cents.

TEPPCO postings at Selkirk, N.Y. either dipped a quarter cent to a half cent, climbed a penny, or did not move, and prices were from 124.67 to 126.00 cents/gal. Mont Belvieu postings, which ranged from 107.00 to 109.50 cents, fell a half cent, increased the odd 0.3 cents, or held firm.
Alliance Energy Services, CHS/Cenex, Enterprise Products, and Martin Gas Sales were all off a half cent at Apex, while Crestwood Services discounted 0.75 cents/gal. NGL Supply Ltd. and NGL Supply Wholesale LLC were unchanged.
At Conway, Alliance Energy Services and NGL Supply Wholesale lost 0.75 cents, and CHS/Cenex and Crestwood Services a penny. Enterprise Products’ Kearney, Mo. posting on MAPCO fell 0.75 cents.

 Crestwood Services shaved off a quarter cent at Selkirk, and CHS/Cenex and Enterprise Products a half cent. NGL Supply Wholesale gained a penny, and DCP/GSR held firm.
At Mont Belvieu, CHS/Cenex slipped a half cent, and Enterprise Products added 0.3 cents/gal. Martin Gas Sales and Targa Resources did not move.