Kohler Releases 2 Gaseous Models in Mobile Generator Line

Kohler Power Systems (Kohler, Wis.) is offering two new compact gaseous-fueled generators to meet demand for mobile power. The units can easily switch between optional onboard LP fuel tanks and external LP liquid, LP-gas, or natural gas fuel sources. The two models, 50 kVA and 70 kVA, are part of the mobile generator line the company debuted in February.

The two models are eligible for incentives of $1000 to $3500 from the Propane Education & Research Council and can help reduce fuel costs by 15% to 20% compared to diesel fuel. They are also certified for prime power and standby applications by the Environmental Protection Agency and the California Air Resources Board.

The 50 kVA features a 4.3-liter naturally aspirated engine, while the 70 kVA has a 5.7-liter engine. The optional onboard tank is built for a 24-hour run time, while connection to an external LP or natural gas supply offers extended use. Service on the units is easier due to an enclosure that can be unbolted, affording access to all parts without disconnecting wires or additional parts. The units are covered by a three-year warranty.

The 50 kVA and 70 kVA are available for order now. Additional models will be released soon, offering a choice of fuel, a wide range of engine sizes, fuel tanks, and paint or decal packages. When fully released, the line will include 11 diesel gensets ranging from 35 kVA to 680 kVa and four gaseous gensets ranging from 30 kVA to 125 kVA. For additional information, visit kohlerpower.com.