Florida based Engineering Firm Announces Fleet Conversion To Propane Autogas

The final stop of the 5,500-mile Coast-to-Coast Clean Air Ride, an initiative of Alliance AutoGas, was held at Orlando-based engineering consulting firm, Universal Engineering Sciences (UES). UES served as event co-host and made the announced at the gathering that the company will be converting 85 of its 400 vehicles to propane autogas.
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The firm, which also has a major presence in Jacksonville and other Florida locations, has partnered with Alliance AutoGas to convert its vehicles to propane autogas. The two companies also have collaborated on the installation of an autogas refueling station to serve UES fleets.

Universal Engineering Services stated that converting the vehicles to propane autogas will provide the company an approximate savings of $1 per gallon, totaling $1,500 in savings per vehicle annually. In addition to being 30-50 percent less expensive than gasoline or diesel fuel, refueling infrastructure is among the least expensive to install, operate and maintain of any transportation fuel. Propane autogas is the third leading auto fuel in the world.

Of the $476,000 spent by UES on its fleet conversion to date, the company will receive approximately $238,000 in rebates from the state.

Autogas Vehicle Technician Training Continues in North Carolina, Oregon

Continuation of a newly developed autogas technician training program, “Propane Autogas Vehicle Technician Training,” will be conducted in Asheville, NC, May 24-26, 2016, and hosted by Blossman Gas.
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The training is one in a series of free Propane Autogas Vehicle Technician Training courses conducted by the National Alternative Fuels Training Consortium (NAFTC) and the Propane Education and Research Council (PERC). The training courses are being offered at locations throughout the United States to provide this training to the automotive technicians who need it.

Participants in the three-day, entry-level propane autogas course will obtain an in-depth understanding of the servicing and maintenance requirements needed for propane autogas vehicles.

The three-day training course will be held at the Research & Technology Facility, 170 Sweeten Creek Rd, Asheville, NC. Alliance AutoGas is the propane autogas division of Blossman Gas and assists fleets with the shift from gasoline to autogas and offers both bi-fuel and propane dedicated conversions. 

The Linn-Benton Community College in Albany, Oregon, will hold a training session June 14-16. Sessions are free but space is limited and reservations are requested.

Rising concerns about the effects of greenhouse gases, combined with the higher cost of gasoline when compared to alternative fuels, are helping alternative fuel vehicles to become more common on our nation’s roadways. With nearly 200,000 propane autogas vehicles in use today in the U.S., and a 700% projected growth by 2020, propane autogas technicians to service these vehicles are in high demand, with more growth projected for the coming years.

For more information contact Bill Davis, NAFTC Director at 304-685-8049.

New PERC Industry Outreach Committee To Focus on State Association Engagement

Council Chairman Tom Van Buren, partnering with the National Propane Gas Association and the Propane Education & Research Council, created a new committee to increase state association involvement with PERC.
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The Industry Outreach Committee, made up of state association executives John Jessup, Derek Dalling, and Steve Ahrens, Council members Bob Barry and Randy Doyle, Advisory Committee member Scott Brockelmeyer, past Council chairwoman Paula Wilson, and PERC staff member Pat Hyland, will coordinate with states on rebate programs, consumer education, training, and market and industry outreach communication.

"I believe this committee will make a stronger connection between PERC programs and the dealers in the states," said John Jessup, executive director of the North Carolina Propane Gas Association. "Taking the message down to the state level should ensure that more dealers are informed and involved with how their PERC funds are being spent and how to best leverage them for their business."

The committee will meet for the first time in June. BPN will provide updates on PERC committee activities.

Petro Home Services will give away 1,000 gallons of free propane to serving, veteran or military family this Memorial Day

Through its "Always Remember" program, Petro Home Services wants to provide 1,000 gallons of propane (or heating oil) to a serving military member, veteran or their family in need, to thank them for their service or sacrifice this Memorial Day, according to a press release from the company.
Petro Memorial Day Propane Giveaway

“We are honored to run this program, and our goal is to help deserving armed forces members past and present in need, as well as their families, by providing up to 1,000 gallons of free oil or propane," said Joe McDonald, senior vice president sales and marketing for Petro Home Services.

Customers and community members throughout the company's service areas, which are Washington DC, Connecticut, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island and Virginia, can go to visitpetro.com/alwaysremember and nominate a current or veteran armed forces member or military family in their neighborhood that they feel deserves up to 1,000 gallons of free oil or propane.

Nominations must be submitted by May 30.

Petro Home Services will choose one household in each state which will get their oil or propane just after Memorial Day. Recipients must sign Petro's media release and will be announced on June 8, the release said.

Propane Plays Important Role in Reaching Climate Change Objectives Says Canadian Association

OTTAWA, Canada (May 19, 2016) The Canadian Propane Association (CPA) responded to a leaked report in the media regarding sweeping changes to the Ontario government's approach to addressing climate change.
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"The CPA supports the government's efforts to reduce Ontario's carbon footprint," said Andrea Labelle, Executive Director of the Canadian Propane Association. "While we understand that the plan reported by the Globe & Mail is a draft version, we want to work with the government to ensure that propane is not overlooked as an important element in the final strategy." Labelle added, "We are also encouraged by the fact that the draft plan runs contrary to the considerations currently underway by the Ontario Energy Board (OEB) to approve uneconomic natural gas infrastructure expansion into rural Ontario, which would be subsidized by existing natural gas customers."

Propane is a low-emission and efficient Canadian energy source. Over 100,000 homes across the province use propane as their primary heating fuel and it is also used as an essential energy source for the mining sector and the agriculture industry. Propane is also a cost-effective fuel option for school buses, and public and private fleets. Propane can make a significant contribution to attaining Ontario's long-term carbon reduction goals by replacing carbon-intensive home heating and auto fleet fuels with a cost- effective alternative that is market-ready today.

"Propane not only makes an impact on consumers, but also on Ontario's economy. Leaving it out of the climate change action plan would negatively affect propane businesses, the communities they operate in, and the hard-working Ontarians they employ," said Labelle. Ontario's propane industry has an economic impact of $1.9 billion each year, and employs over 3,000 Ontarians. It invests millions of dollars every year into storage and distribution infrastructure and it also contributes hundreds of millions of dollars in taxes and royalties.  

"We believe that propane is an important element in Ontario's low-carbon future. Propane is a cost-effective, low-emission source of energy that supports the livelihood of thousands of Ontarians and generates billions of dollars for the local economy," added Labelle. "The Canadian Propane Association and its members look forward to continuing to work with the Ontario Government to provide access to clean, efficient and affordable energy for consumers."

The Canadian Propane Association (CPA) is the national association for the growing, multi-billion dollar propane industry that impacts the livelihood of tens of thousands of Canadians. The CPA develops and produces industry training materials, offers an emergency response assistance plan to its members and provides advocacy services for the propane industry.