Alliance AutoGas Introduces Ram ProMaster® Van Conversion System

Swannanoa, NC (June 24, 2016) The  Alliance AutoGas engineered single-plug connector, no cut or drill fuel system, installed on a RAM ProMaster® was recently displayed at the Government Fleet Expo in Nashville, Tennessee.

The Ram ProMaster® is in great demand in the government and service sectors, and also the second most popular European-style van on the market. The Ram ProMaster® features a 16-gallon underbody autogas tank with the conversion system. This adds to the Ram ProMaster’s front-wheel-drive system, and a 3.6L Pentastar® V6 engine.

Alliance’s EPA and NFPA 58 compliant conversion system featured on the RAM ProMaster® can be installed on new or in-service vehicles in half the time of other products. These systems do not require any permanent vehicle modifications.

Ed Hoffman, President of Blossman Services, Inc., the equipment distributor for Alliance AutoGas adds, “By far, we offer our customers the widest assortment of choices of vehicles and options for their fleets. They can experience a positive ROI with a partial asset life when reduced conversion costs are coupled with low, stable fuel prices. A large benefit of this system is that the product is supported with a 5-year, 100,000 mile warranty. We feel that strongly about its success for all fleet vehicles and we are extremely proud to unveil the propane autogas version of the RAM ProMaster®. This popular vehicle further confirms our dominance in the alternative fuel work truck market.”
Alliance Continues Growth Momentum
As a one-stop shop in the on-road autogas market, Alliance AutoGas has installed over 800 refueling facilities in the US and Canada. In addition, Alliance has converted or participated in supplying autogas to more than 10,000 propane autogas vehicles and buses in North America, helping them run on clean-burning propane with units’ sales increasing monthly.  In the past year, Alliance members collectively displaced 45 million gallons of gasoline and produced $70 million in fuel cost savings for the 550 fleets they service.
Key innovations in the marketplace developed by Alliance AutoGas are their engineered systems that can be installed in only a few hours.
Just completed last month, Alliance embarked on a 5700+ mile, 12-city, cross country road trip – the Alliance AutoGas Coast-to-Coast Clean Air Ride – with its record-setting propane autogas converted F-150 and using the “plug and play” system and safe connect nozzle. 468 gallons of propane autogas were used, reducing CO₂ emissions by 25% compared to a gasoline vehicle.
“The cross country trip was a great opportunity to demonstrate why propane autogas is the world’s #1 alternative fuel.  We educated citizens and fleet managers across the country on the extended range of autogas vehicles, as well as the benefits of real costs savings and emissions reductions,” says Stuart Weidie, President and CEO of Blossman Gas and President of Alliance AutoGas.

Bobtail Rodeo Winners Announced

The West Virginia Propane Gas Association held its bi-annual bobtail rodeo on June 21, 2016 at Citizens Fire Department, Charles Town, WV. It is the longest running bobtail rodeo in the propane industry.
Propane Bobtail Rodeo Winners 2016

Eight propane bobtail drivers participated in the 3-part competition including Josh Allen, Roach Energy; Ron DeVall, Hagedorn's Inc.; David Shover, Blue Flame Inc.; Chris Silkworth, Thompsons Gas; Kenny Swink Jr., Blue Flame Inc.; Scott Swink, Blue Flame Inc.; Bill Walker, AmeriGas; and Kevin Watson, Hagedorn's Inc.

The winners included Ron DeVall, Hagedorn's Inc., who took 1st Place, Chris Silkworth, Thompsons Gas was awarded 2nd Place, and the  3rd Place winner was Kenny Swink, Jr., of Blue Flame Inc.

Major thanks to the following for all their support in making the 2016 Bobtail Rodeo possible:

• Marty Braithwaite, Woodgate Petroleum, for setting up the course and securing the seminar location;

• Officers A.W. Ryan and Jeff Wiford, West Virginia DOT Inspectors, for the pre-trip inspection review;

• Ed Anderson, LP Gas Training, for providing the bobtail rollover seminar;

• First prize donation from Mark Dennis, Ray Murray Inc.;

• Gift cards for all the drivers were donated by Caroline Hensley, AmeriGas/PTI; Trent Johnson, Bergquist, Inc.; Bill Woodward, CUI Equipment & Distribution; Jim Mason, Gas Equipment Company; Aaron Miller, Industrial Propane Service; Pat Shay, Tarantin Industries; and David Archer, Trinity Containers LLC.

• Members of the West Virginia Propane Gas Association who set up, judged and conducted the rodeo despite a big afternoon downpour!

The propane community is truly one-of-a-kind!

Canadian Autogas Partnership Expands Alliance AutoGas Network

MONTREAL, QUEBEC (June 22, 2016) Rock Boulianne and Marquis Grégoire Jr., co-presidents of Alliance Autopropane Inc., are pleased to announce that a long-term agreement with Canadian company Maxquip has been signed. This agreement will make Maxquip an integral distributor of conversion equipment to Alliance Autopropane's growing network.
Autopropane Maxquip logos

“With this partnership, we want to work together to promote conversion to hybrid propane-gasoline systems on a national scale. Our parts will benefit from Maxquip's excellent distribution network, and we can offer consumers accessible and affordable systems,” explained Mr. Boulianne.

“We are pleased to enter into an agreement with a professional and highly respected distributor in the propane industry. On our end, we have acquired significant expertise in vehicle conversion and are happy to make it available to residents of other provinces, who can enjoy substantial fuel cost savings from using propane vehicles,” added Mr. Grégoire.

The agreement will also have a number of benefits for the environment. In fact, converting a gasoline-burning vehicle to hybrid propane-gasoline reduces greenhouse gas emissions by 25 percent. As well, Quebec's 2030 Energy Policy, which was announced April 2016, contains a measure that aims to encourage conversion of transportation vehicles already on the roads to fuels with lower carbon content, namely propane.

“We are very respectful of the energy and professionalism that the Alliance Autopropane team have demonstrated in growing the Autopropane business in a sustainable manner. With this partnership, our companies will leverage our mutual strengths in delivering autopropane conversion systems that are reliable and cost effective to the industry across Canada,” states Cameron Stewart of Maxquip.

Alliance Autopropane, founded in 2013, is a member of Alliance AutoGas (Asheville, NC), a North American network that provides complete turnkey programs to transition fleets to autogas at no upfront cost. Alliance AutoGas' complete program includes vehicle technology, EPA-certified conversions, refueling infrastructure, data integration, fuel supply, and training needed to keep fleets up and running on autogas. Alliance Autopropane’s agreement will accelerate the deployment of its network of self-service stations, with 19 stations already in operation in Quebec; this number is expected to increase to a total of 30 stations by 2017.

Maxquip, founded in 2002, is a supplier of alternative fuel equipment from seven strategically located distribution centers across Canada. Maxquip services all the alternative fuel equipment it provides.

New Golf Webpage Highlights Benefits of Propane-Powered Golf Course Equipment

WASHINGTON (June 20, 2016) – Swing by the Propane Education & Research Council's new page on its website,, specifically for golf course superintendents and managers seeking more product information, case studies, and testimonials from peers involved in the council’s Golf Demo Program.
golf propane fuel maintenance equipment

“We’ve seen an increase in the number of superintendents visiting our site in search of information about propane equipment on golf courses since we implemented the Golf Demo Program in 2015,” said Jeremy Wishart, deputy director of business development at PERC. “We upgraded our website to reflect that growing interest to make it easier for superintendents to find what their peers had to say about operating golf course maintenance equipment powered by propane.”

Eight courses across the United States participated in the Golf Demo Program. Each course demoed four pieces of propane equipment on lease from R&R Products for 12 months and reported on how the equipment fared. Of the eight in the program, six courses requested to purchase the propane equipment after the trial was complete.  

The benefits observed by superintendents during the demo included savings on fuel up to 50 percent compared to gasoline, easier maintenance, and fewer problems during operation. Propane’s lower emissions also meet or exceed all current requirements from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), an important addition for six participating golf courses that are also certified for sustainability by Audubon International.

Superintendents also noted propane couldn’t spill and damage the course, even though fuel cylinders can be changed while away from maintenance facilities. Propane engines use a closed-loop system that virtually eliminates spills, an important feature in keeping a course clean and safe for play.

The golf webpage is available now along with considerable resources at Information on the website can help superintendents find case studies and testimonials, a propane savings calculator, and information on other products that use propane.

Links to information on the R&R Products fairway mower, trim mower, greens mower, and bunker rake used in the demo are available on the new golf webpage.

Iranian LPG Exports Soar

(TEHRAN, IRAN) Jun. 20, 2016 – An official has announced that exports volume of Iranian Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) hit 80 thousand tons in the first two months of the current Iranian year (that began March 20, 2016).
Iran Exports Soar 2016

Amir Vakilzadeh, Director of the Exports and Imports Office at National Iranian Oil Products Distribution Company (NIOPDC) remarked, “In the current year, no amount of liquid gas has been burned by domestic refineries. All produced LPG inside the country has been deployed to foreign markets in the present year,” underscored the official.

“Overall, more than 80 thousand tons of Iranian LPG were shipped to foreign countries in the first two months of the current year spanning from March 20 to May 20,” added Vakilzadeh.

Vakilzadeh pointed out that LPG exports are being undertaken via surface to neighboring countries, as well as the sea to African countries by incorporating ISO tanks. LPG exports volume reached 127 thousand tons in the previous year while more than 80 thousand tons have been exported only in the first two months of the current year.

African countries like Kenya, South Africa, and Tanzania have been purchasing Iran’s LPG the past two years in the form of ISO tank container shipments.
CEO of the Iranian Gas Commercial Company (IGCC), Mohammad Ali Barati, has recently maintained that gas exports volume will climb by 5000 tons following the implementation of new South Pars developmental phases stating, “Middle Eastern countries form the largest market for Iran’s LPG.”