‘Big Brown’ Gives Propane Autogas a Big Boost

Low-Emitting Nozzles
Part of the Deal

UPS’ deployment of propane vehicles will involve the unveiling of new low-emission fueling nozzles, which will highlight the “man-machine interface of the fueling,” said Tucker Perkins of PERC.

PERC and UPS plan to review several nozzle models, including those now used in Europe. The top priority is to field test a nozzle that offers required safety features, is low-emitting, and is user-friendly for the staff that refuels the vehicle.  

”[The nozzle must be] easy to use. We must ensure it doesn’t open until the connection is made, and it can’t disconnect until the re-fueler disconnects it,” Perkins stated. “We’re going to use this UPS field deployment as the perfect opportunity to demonstrate this nozzle technology.”

Ultimately, PERC’s goal is to spur the adoption in the U.S. of an autogas refueling nozzle with low emissions that can be easily and quickly connected to a vehicle tank. That technology can then be demonstrated to convince state energy officers and code officials to reduce or possibly eliminate current public training requirements on fueling.