Thursday Commentary 1 20

Midwest Spikes

The big news was in the Midwest Thursday as postings spiked more than 20 cents in most cases following a 3.8-MMbbl inventory draw for the nation the week ended Jan. 10, 1.5 MMbbl of that at Conway, Kan. That left the Midwest hub with a total of only 11.5 MMbbl, with plenty of winter weather left to go.
Dixie Pipeline postings at Apex, N.C. were either off a quarter cent to a penny or up 0.25 to 3 cents compared to the Monday email Update, shifting prices to a range of 153.00 to 157.04 cents/gal. On MAPCO at Conway, Kan., postings soared 16 to 22.5 cents higher, and prices were from 165.00 to 178.25 cents.            

TEPPCO postings at Selkirk, N.Y. jumped 4 to 12.5 cents or stayed the same, and prices were from 205.59 to 218.72 cents/gal. Mont Belvieu postings, at a wide 135.19 to 184.00 cents, gained a penny to as much as 12.5 cents.

Inergy Services dipped a quarter cent at Apex; Plains Marketing a half cent; Alliance Energy Services and Enterprise Products 0.75 cents; and NGL Supply Ltd. a penny. Martin Gas Sales added 0.25 cents; CHS/Cenex 1 cent; and NGL Supply Wholesale LLC 3 cents/gal.
At Conway, NGL Supply Wholesale gained 16 cents; Alliance Energy 19 cents; Plains Marketing 20.5 cents; CHS/Cenex 20.75 cents; and Inergy 22.5 cents/gal.
Enterprise Products was 4 cents higher at Selkirk; Plains Marketing a nickel; Inergy 6.12 cents; DCP/GSR 9 cents; and CHS/Cenex 12.5 cents/gal. NGL Supply Wholesale held firm.        
At Mont Belvieu, Martin Gas and Plains Marketing stepped up a penny; Enterprise Products 1.25 cents; Targa Resources 2 cents; and CHS/Cenex 12.5 cents/gal.