Chamber Leader Calls for Policies to Extend Prosperity

U.S. Chamber of Commerce president and CEO Thomas J. Donohue declared in his recent annual “State of American Business” address that the American busi­ness climate is improving, but that despite some economic progress, he warned against policies and government actions that drive uncertainty. Donohue called for leader­ship to solidify the nation’s recovery, help generate stronger growth and job creation, and expand opportunity.

“Our economy is gaining strength, and we now have an opportunity to turn the page,” Donohue said. “But alongside the positive signs are some pretty big ques­tion marks. Employers are concerned about overregula­tion, the negative impacts of policies like Obamacare, and the fiscal health of our nation. Our economic success will depend on how well we build upon the economic momentum that is finally taking hold. By making the right decisions and adopting the necessary reforms, we can usher in a new era of economic prosperity and extend its benefits to all Americans.”

Donohue unveiled the Chamber’s “2014 Jobs, Growth, and Opportunity Agenda,” which includes expanding trade, producing more domestic energy, improving infrastructure, modernizing the regulatory pro­cess, making essential changes in entitlements, fixing the flaws in Obamacare, curbing lawsuit abuse, and advancing American innovation by protecting intellectual property. The agenda also focuses on revitalizing capital markets, passing immigration reform, and efforts to improve educa­tion and training.

He also outlined the Chamber’s political efforts for the year, saying that in primaries and in the general elec­tion, his organization will support candidates who want to work constructively within the legislative process to solve the nation’s problems—and who understand that business is not the problem, business is a big part of the solution.

“In 2014 the Chamber will focus its tools, talent, capacities, and resources to advance a jobs, growth, and opportunity agenda that we believe can benefit all Americans,” Donohue added. “No other country, no other people, no other society starts from such a position of strength and advantage as we do. The promise of America has always been that the older generations will leave to the young a stronger, better, and more hopeful America. This is a promise we can still keep and we must keep. But it all comes down to leadership—leadership in our government, leadership in business, and leadership in every sector of American life. Leadership that puts our country and the future first.”