Court to Review Bans On Hydraulic Fracturing

New York State Petroleum Council executive director Karen Moreau is welcoming a decision by New York’s Court of Appeals to hear from local landowners and oil and natural gas representatives who stipulate that bans on hydraulic fracturing in Middlefield and Dryden are standing in the way of needed economic investment, reports the American Petroleum Institute (API).

“Natural gas development will give a huge shot in the arm to many economically depressed areas of Upstate New York,” said Moreau. “We are pleased that New York’s highest court has agreed to hear these cases, and it could be a significant step toward ending a state-wide moratorium that is stifling job creation and invest­ment.”

She added that “hydraulic fracturing is a safe and time-tested engineering technology that is creating economic opportunities and jobs in areas of the country that need it most.”