Payment for BPN Weekly Newsletter

BPN’s Weekly Propane Newsletter is now available via electronic distribution. Subscribers to this service receive their copy of the NEWSLETTER via e-mail as an attached PDF file.

The biggest advantage of taking the NEWSLETTER via e-mail is timeliness. The NEWSLETTER’s traditional distribution method includes production and printing on Thursday, mailing on Friday, and arrival the following Monday or Tuesday, depending on where in the U.S. a subscriber lives. Electronic subscribers receive the NEWSLETTER on Thursday when production is complete—as much as five days earlier than through the mail.

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Subscription fees are as follows:

52 weeks by mail       $220 per year
52 weeks by email   $195 per year
26 weeks by mail   $145 6 months
26 weeks by email   $135 6 months
52 weeks + Monday Update by email   $340 per year
52 weeks + Monday Update by fax   $525 per year
52 weeks foreign by email   $285 per year
BP News Newsletter Binder   $13 each

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